A system that manages patient medical care from birth and all through his life. It makes medical information accessible in a secure way, to the patient and the treating physician, locally, and globally. The EHR, essentially, captures patient’s information, including doctors’ consultation notes, radiology images, procedures, laboratory tests, and other diagnostic procedures performed, and stores it electronically to be accessed anywhere, anytime.

For the Patient: It ensures the availability of his/her medical data anywhere, anytime. He/She can access his/her medical file using his user name and password, and can allow access to his treating physician by providing him with his medical card. It is of utmost importance in case of a medical emergency

For the Healthcare Provider: It ensures continuity of medical care in which the treating physician will have all previous medical data thus ensuring continuity, conformity, and quality medical care, thus avoiding duplication of laboratory tests, radiology procedures, diagnostic procedures, and others

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